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REN CHIN has been residing the location in-depth for thirty years; the company not only does everything to the best but is also devoted to cultivates the employee has also been a faith that the company always holds.  One of each employee is the crucial capital of the company; well treat the employee is the key element to run the company permanently.  In the RC family, we have well-established education and training and operational regulation;  the enlightened communication style enables a harmonious atmosphere in the team, consolidates the centripetal force, and raises working quality.

We welcome the new blood to join the company and expect the people who work for us can fully present their expertise and help the company create the excellent performance .

Join Ren Chin

The welfare package of the company

In addition to the legal requirement, the company offers many more items and facilities of welfare. 

  • The gift cash (coupon) for three main festivals and birthday 
  • The free meal and meal allowance
  • The non-periodic afternoon tea for employees
  • The parking space for cars and motorcycles for employees particularly
  • The group insurance
  • The employee dormitory
  • The company trip in domestic for the employees 
  • The year-end party and dinner party for departments.
  • The dining and the restroom for employees.
Join Ren Chin

Recruitment process

Resume submission.

Resume registration.

First phase of resume screening.

To make an appointment for an interview meeting with the qualified interviewee.

The second phase of the interview meeting.

The approval process for talented candidates.

The notification for hired qualified candidate.

The arrangement for the candidate to report to duty.

The candidate to report to duty.

Remark: the resume will be reserved in the database for those who failed to preliminary interview, failed to second interview meeting, and failed and gave up reporting to duty.

Join Ren Chin


Production operator

  monthly salary starting 30,000, shift-based work

  1. To be responsible for the operation of the machine and equipment in the production line and to maintain the normal operation for the machine.
  2. The product assembly, inspection, and Packing for the shipment on site.
  3. To precede the coordination with other operators for being consistent with the standard of production and the process.
  4. To key in the product-related and label by following the MES system.
  5. To fill in the production statement for inspecting the distance away from the production goal.
  6. To accomplish the supervisor’s assignment related to the work of product production, procedure.

Equipment engineer

  Monthly salary starting 33,000, day shift 08:00-17:00

  1. The preliminary water and electric work, pipe connection and fitting, parts and consumables replacement, and troubleshooting.
  2. To assist the patrol and inspection of the equipment in the factory area, maintenance, and the root cause finding for the abnormality and improvement.
  3. To accomplish the supervisor’s assignment.
  4. To maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

• Quality control engineer

  Monthly salary starting 32,000, day shift 08:00-17:00

  1. The qualitative analysis for raw material,  work in process, finished product.
  2. To help the processing of ISO-related work.
  3. To help with the Quality Inspection and the test report.
  4. To help the processing of customer complaint issues.
  5. To help the handling and trace the abnormal quality issue.
  6. The temporary job assigned by some other supervisors

• Part-time worker in the summer term

  NT$168 per hour.

  1. To help with Packing and shipping.
  2. The cleanness and management of the working area.

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