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Omnibearing Professional Material Scientific Designing Manufacturing Company

Ren Chin copper conductor was founded in 1990; it’s also a well-known material designing leading company. The product includes silver-copper alloy wire,  silver plating copper wire, the extremely fine wire drawing,  Graphene copper wire, and alloy furnace.   The application consists of mobile telecommunication, the Medical industry,  AI robot, extreme class sound effect wires,  electric cars,  and intelligence-wearing devices in many other significant fields. 

Three core territory

Extreme fine wire drawing,  Environmental Protection plating layer,  Alloy furnace

Ren Chin Integrate three-core territories with its expertise to customize the product for the international brand-customer; through the material scientific specialty research and the development,  the result of the production is the best transmission conductor, to raise the message transmission and the fluency of power use efficiency, to seize the key of the core for upgrading human beings substance and the spiritual civilization.


Residing in Taiwan, Explore the vision to the whole world

Ren Chin  focus on material scientific development since it was founded 30 years ago. Starting with Telecom,  computer product to the application of Smart Living products, always seize the advanced tendency and the deep foundation, and it keeps on developing the new technique and products and is significantly recognizable by the numbers of renowned brand companies. 


 Along with the rise of robots, the era of 5G and AI smart technology, all kinds of new technology products bring up more multiple imagination and applications in human life.  RC will do the best at “material science.” role-playing to develop and supply, becoming the supportive foundation in creative industries for many fields.


operation idea

The philosophy of company operation

 We are pursuing the welfare balance between the substance and the spirit for all the employees, contributing to the progress of the human being and the entire environment.

The idea of the operation

The result of the production is the best transmission conductor, to raise the message transmission and the fluency of power use efficiency through the material scientific specialty research and the development, and improve the personal and organizational communication efficiency from the essence.

The core value

We start with loving our families and share with them, then do the same thing to ordinary people, later to populate it to everything on Earth.

Chin xin (part I), Mencius.  It is an attitude and the action people should generally present to human beings and other creatures and subjects on Earth.

Everything we do must do our best; then, we will not feel sorrow and regret regardless of the result.  The criteria of being in love with other people are the principle we hold in mind.  We first need to behave ourselves, do everything based on the regulation and rules, and then promote it to the general public and populate it to society further. Finally, everyone can do the same, and the world is in peace.


Withholding the principle, we can remain calm physically and psychologically and acquire the strength when the external environment Is in chaos; we allow the employee to make a mistake, but they have to learn the lesson from the mistake they make, and with a positive perspective review themselves. 

In the last few decades, we established a self-realization working environment with the people as the essence. We provided the customer and a business partner with the best product and service.  The new technology changes rapidly, but something never changes the principal for the individual and the company. All this principle becomes strength to make people calm when facing the changes of life.

In the future, the advance of human beings’ civilization and the changes in the environment will go beyond our imagination. RC will keep the advanced moral criteria when coping with rapid changes.

We deal with people or conduct the business; it must be based on honesty and trust as the principle, and become the world citizen. 

No matter what they say or what they act, people in RC all represent RC’s company. How we face the different fields of family, society, and nation affects how the world responds to us; which also forms the culture of the enterprise in RC and whether the company would keep running permanently or not.

We emphasize the behavior principle that is the value of general people. When our people work in the region where applies the different cultures, we need to present the conservation with consistency between the words and behavior, enjoying the achievement m dignity and Joyce.  Therefore we have peace in mind; the people we love are all proud of us.




The President of Mr. Peng Qing Xiang found the company, and the primary business was wire drawing.


The company produces flat cable and has become the foundation of 3C applied wire for future development.


The company also successfully develop a wide variety of alloy copper wires production techniques, and also officially work closely with global companies – Furukawa electric group、Sumihoto Electric Industries.


Successfully develop the techniques for surface treatment bearing high value-added, also increase the surface treatment of copper wire facilities, and increase the product line and head to the development of the high-end product.


The high-end products can be applied to various Electronics, Sources of sound, Aerospace and officially enter the market of the USA.


Visiting the renowned companies of South Wire, Hitachi…etc.


The capital has extended to NT$16.8 million.


he cooperation in technique with ITRI MCL–Division of Energy Storage Materials for developing biomedical and electronics applied the ultra-extreme fine wire alloy material and to head to the original material alloy melting and casting techniques.


The cooperation in technique with FINECS in Japan is to produce 3C electronic and automotive wire material for the terminal. The factory extended to the second floor. The working capital is NT$21.28 million.


The working capital is increased up to NT$31.68 million


The wire for the heat dissipation module is well developed and entered into the market.


It acquired a piece of land with 1,800 pings in Gwang Yuan technology park. Phase 1 is to build a three-floor with the area of 1,500-ping steel structure new facility. It is expected to be done in March 2020. The next generation of heat dissipation modules is well developed, which is applied to smart transmission systems working very well.


The capital increase by cash and 6,393,000 shares are increased at $20 per share with a total amount up to NT$127 million and also being attractive to the venture capital company belong to Taiwan Business Bank Co., Ltd. as official shares to invest the company.


The new facility in Gwang Yuan technology park is operational.


The three-chamber vacuum melting continuous casting furnace begins the mass production and starts making the special precious graphene copper wire, single direction, single crystal, non-oxygen copper wire.




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